Which mountain are you going to climb?

By having clear goals for the year, and beyond, you give yourself aspirational targets, areas of focus and permission to say no to the things that don’t fall within your goals.

Now, I’m not talking about the types of goals you ‘have to set’ at work. These aren’t goals that someone else is going to manage you on and you won’t ‘get in trouble’ if you don’t achieve them. They are for you and you alone and they should give you energy because they are the things you truly and honestly want to achieve.

Some questions to consider:

  • What would you LOVE to achieve this year? Might be a new job, a new area of study, increase your work/life balance, be more focused at home, write a book (am I projecting that one?).
  • How would you like to FEEL during the year? And by the end of the year? Too often we set goals like we are robots. We are human – use the power of your emotions to drive your goals, connect with the “F” word (feeling!) and use it to your advantage.
  • Are you being aspirational AND realistic? Aim high, but not too high. One of the key reasons people don’t achieve their goals is that they aim too high. High is great, it’s awesome! AND you need to give yourself a chance to get there by keeping realism in mind. If you find, you’re aiming too high, it just might mean you need to expand your horizon and put in place a multi-year timeline.

One of my all-time favorite quotes is “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu – where will your steps take you??